The Activation

ISAC alerted me, I've been activated.

So I left my bestest buddy in the whole wide world, Mr. Cuddles and made my way here to New York City, where there's some kind of disease or something? I don't know exactly but at least I get to do something.

I'm standing just outside the Brooklyn Safehouse. Ignore the sign, I'm a Badass

I met a fellow Agent, Faye Lau, apparently she's not very happy that NYC is going down the crapper. She sent me out to go sort some of the local trouble out. Awww yeah, somebody is going to get Directive 51'd

This is Faye Lau

Not far from the safehouse, some rioter had a JTF guy hostage, I could have let this continue on, but I thought "What Would Mr. Cuddles Do?"

This, this is what Mr. Cuddles would do Yeah this guy was the first to get Directive 51'd =D

JTF guy didn't even thank me, ran off like a pussy, not sure how I feel about that, might catch up with him later and see if JTF guy can show a little "appreciation" heh heh...

The bad guys =D

Found this group of rioters just standing around, guarding a food supply I guess they'd stolen? I don't know, I yelled "Allahu Akbar!" and let the killing begin! They died, they had friends who showed up after marking the first cache of food. I was so happy, more hugs with bullets to give.

Oh DAMN! Free food, lots of it. Do I really have to hand it over to the JTF? it looks so tasty.

Food, glorious food! Is he passed out? is he dead? Nah, think he partied a little too hard.
I think maybe this guy partied a little to hard?

Some guy over comms told me about a hostage situation. He wants me to "handle" the situation and "minimize" the damage and casualties. What if I want casualties? what if I want to spray and pray?!?!? I supposed I could go take a look.

Portable Hugs Crate, in the open for anyone to loot

It's night, I'm walking from street light to street light as I approach my first waypoint. This looks interesting, I have to go through the subway.

Oh hey, I wonder if the trains are running on time now?

Go Time!

I do a quick assessment and it's go time, here come the hugs boys! brrrat brrrraaaat BBBBRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAT! Hostiles down, area secure, onto the civilians. I stood outside the door for awhile, listening to them whine and moan about being captured. Eventually I let them out, Comms guy might have started to cry if I didn't bring them back. I was however a little annoyed, I found a Pistol and a Shotgun in the room with these two, they could have saved themselves!

Go on, you're free. M870 Express Shotgun X-45 Pistol (sidearm)

Comms guy again, wanting drugs this time, morphine I think, I didn't care because I had been up all night so I just went with it.

Dead druggies More of their dead friends

After that firefight, making Comms guy happy, securing the drugs, I got to return to the safehouse, get me some sleep maybe? all this running around, I miss Mr. Cuddles.

This is Comms Guy (the one standing)

ISAC woke me up around Three in the afternoon, telling me to go check out the local cop shop, maybe I'd find something new and exciting. I just wanted to sleep some more but he wouldn't shut the hell up and kept flashing and stuff. Got up and casually strolled on over to the cop shop. When I got there, I told ISAC to record what happened next because I thought it was going to be Legend... wait for it... dary. I was so wrong.

Going to go play with my shiny Police M4 that I picked up, see if there's any more people wanting "hugs with bullets".

Oh and someone get Mr. Cuddles, It's not the same without him.