Twitch and Me

I’ve started to stream on twitch (click the twitch icon in the site menu to reach my channel) a little more recently, it is kinda fun, though because I only use a single screen, it does make it hard to interact with people if they’re talking in twitch chat. I’ve also been playing The Division 2 more of late, I leveled up another character to level 30 to do another build, the reason I didn’t do the build on my first character is to keep things separate so I don’t confuse myself. I’ve also been raiding in the game recently with thanks to Djtickle and friends (click here for his twitch stream and click here for his discord server). Without them, I wouldn’t have been able to get into a raid to see the content or have a chance at the new gear that’s exclusively available in that raid. So thanks!

I’ve been writing in my notebook each day as well, to someone very special to me and I’m hoping that by the time it is complete, I can send it out to them, along with some other bits and pieces that I would like to give them. One thing that I want to send, I got today and is a limited run of it, so I hope they’ll like it!.

It’s just after 0300 now and I’m starting to think that I want to crawl into bed and just watch anime on my phone via Crunchyroll. I have a few going at the moment, like Akame ga Kill!, Say “I love you” and Kaguya-sama: Love is War. I also finished a few others over the last few days, as well as the week or so before hand and I enjoy watching them over again hehe.

Is there anything that you think I should try and watch? (assuming anyone is actually reading this)

Let me know in the comments below and I’ll see you again next time!

So I started writing again

Almost two weeks ago, I bought a notebook that I could write a letter in and tear out the page (perforated edges). Well, instead of writing that letter, I’ve ended up writing a page a day for the last 2 weeks now. I’m surprised that I’ve been doing it and I still have over 180-ish pages to fill, but the reason behind doing so drives me to do it every day.

I do need need to get or find a new pen soon though, my current one is almost out of ink, or get some refills, we’ll see what catches my eye!

oh and because I can, this is what is currently playing while I fly out to the Heart Nebula again for someone special!

Oh lookie, I posted a thing!

So today I’ve updated the landing page with what I’m currently playing, with Dead Cells and Moonlighter being new to my library of games. I’ve got to say though, I’m enjoying both so very much and I haven’t played either that long yet hehe!

I’m also trying to save money to get a Nintendo Switch, but since I do not have a job, this is going to be a very long time goal, the downside of which is no more tasty treat from KFC every so often. This does make me sad but not much I can do about it if I want the Switch.

I’ve been seeing a professional again for another round of counselling (woo joy, end sarcasm), I honestly don’t feel like it’s getting anywhere and my medical exemption runs out at the end of this month which means I either go back to all the fun stuff the government wants me to do or I apply for a disability as my medical professionals have stated. That’s not gonna be fun and will take several months as well.

Acolytes are making their appearance in Warframe later today, so will probably grind them out for rare mods that I either don’t have or can sell a couple months down the road for platinum, which I need! (DE give me 50/75% off plat pls!)


Oh! It’s Peanut’s 10th Birthday today as well! YAY!

This is Peanut

So lookie, I did post a thing today, yay go me? yeah, right? <3

Action Stations, Action Stations, Set Condition One throughout me!

So on March 1st I applied for a job and I got shortlisted for it. well it has been over a week and my application is still under review. I’ve pretty much had my stress/anxiety set to eleventybillion waiting to find out if I have an interview or not (and I can’t contact to find out, online application system).

On the plus side though, when my Parental Unit gets home, we’re going to watch Thor: Ragnarok =)


boop, much love whoever is reading this.

Been awhile

It’s been awhile since I last posted something, I’ve not had anything to say, I still don’t. Mostly I’m having issues sleeping and kind of getting demoralized from the jobs I’m applying for either not replying to me or telling me “oh hey we like you, but we don’t wanna hire you, BUT! we’ll hold onto your application just incase”.

Elite Dangerous Beyond chapter 1 patch comes out tonight, seems like it might be a good time to get back into Elite, we’ll see though. Also farming rep super slow for allied race unlocks on alliance side.