What to do, What to do


The other day, while I was in Mushy Brain status, my brain decided I should delete all my unused Outriders characters. Sure, ok, cool. NOT! Instead, it deleted all my characters. freakin’ boo!

Now I’m slowly leveling back up, I’m I think 1/2 to 3/4 of the way through the story, but this time I’m going to get to World Tier 15 before I start Expeditions, get me all OP! and find a build that suits me.

I’m going to be moving houses in the next month or so, which is awesome. I’m going to have a bit smaller room, but I also got myself an L-shape desk so I’ll have a bit more space for my PC and layout which is good. It’s still in the same town though so not much else will change (though I’ll be much closer to McDonalds, so late night Frappes and Frozen drinks woo!)

Also hope my 1660 ti doesn’t die before I can get a shiny new GPU for my PC, would be nice =P

First post of 2020 I guess =P

So I guess this really is the first post of the year, and probably not far off being a year from my last post. I think with all the stuff going on with the world and this pandemic, I got to thinking about all sorts of things and well, here I am, writing, though now I’m doing it, I’m not sure what else exactly that I want to write here.

I actually renewed my license for one of the major bits of stuff I use on the back end of my website here, the exchange rate from AUD to USD was poopy, but I did it all the same, so now I can tinker with new additions to the things woo! Maybe I’ll expand some pages or add entirely new ones, who knows, though if you’re reading this, you’re probably thinking more along the lines of “Yep, and you’ll forget all about it too!” hehehehehe

My keyboard died twice while writing here, so I’ll be glad when my replacement gets here (hoping tomorrow!), though I’m going to have to get used to normal keys again. My current keyboard has flat keys and after using it for the last 8 years, any time I’ve tried to use a normal keyboard, I’ve just felt so weird and made so many mistakes trying to type, it’s hilarious for others to watch.

I’m out for now though,
Oh, and if you’re reading this entry, haaiii Emma cutie :3

I’m writing a thing, go me?

So I stopped writing in my notebook last Friday after a month of writing, the reason behind writing in it daily I’m not so sure is valid now, though I do hold out hope that I can do so again. I love and miss the person I was writing to and for. I just noticed that what I was writing wasn’t really positive and it did make me hurt and a little more depressed. =(

I’ve been playing a lot more of The Division 2 lately, trying at the raid each week to get the Exotic Assault Rifle “Eagle Bearer” so I can do a nice clutch/berserk build around it, I have 3 pieces of armor for it so far just need to get the other bits and hopefully improve them if they aren’t already god mode rolls. It would be nice, but the grind continues and RNG is being a meanie =/

Oh and I transferred my Destiny 2 account over to Steam in preparation for the F2P/Shadowkeep launch in October as well, its nice that it got pushed back a few weeks, that way it wouldn’t compete for my attention with Borderlands 3… though it being an Epic Game Store Exclusive for 6 months, I doubt I will play it because they don’t sell to me in AUD, so it would be even more expensive to buy in USD. Oh and if you haven’t done it already, here’s the LINK to convert your Destiny 2 from Battle.net to Steam

I’m currently listening to “our” song:

Just going on being

So here I am, just puttering about, going on being here in this existence, listening to a spotify playlist I put together and am slowly working on. I’m not really sure what else I want to say today, I did write my page in the notebook I’ve previously mentioned, which come to think of it might be why I don’t have much to say in this post heh.