Oh lookie, I posted a thing!

So today I’ve updated the landing page with what I’m currently playing, with Dead Cells and Moonlighter being new to my library of games. I’ve got to say though, I’m enjoying both so very much and I haven’t played either that long yet hehe!

I’m also trying to save money to get a Nintendo Switch, but since I do not have a job, this is going to be a very long time goal, the downside of which is no more tasty treat from KFC every so often. This does make me sad but not much I can do about it if I want the Switch.

I’ve been seeing a professional again for another round of counselling (woo joy, end sarcasm), I honestly don’t feel like it’s getting anywhere and my medical exemption runs out at the end of this month which means I either go back to all the fun stuff the government wants me to do or I apply for a disability as my medical professionals have stated. That’s not gonna be fun and will take several months as well.

Acolytes are making their appearance in Warframe later today, so will probably grind them out for rare mods that I either don’t have or can sell a couple months down the road for platinum, which I need! (DE give me 50/75% off plat pls!)


Oh! It’s Peanut’s 10th Birthday today as well! YAY!

This is Peanut

So lookie, I did post a thing today, yay go me? yeah, right? <3

Recently decided to try Eve Online again

Heyallo Stylez, Minmatar Capsuleer

So I recently decided to pick up Eve Online again and started fresh with a new character (Minmatar, see image for my pilot) and I can’t remember for the life of me why I stopped playing (I’m sure it will eventually come back). If you did not hear, Eve now has a free to play option which so far I don’t mind. I learned about the restrictions and while depending on how little or how much you play, you’ll eventually hit the limitations of the free to play option, but like wow you can use the ingame currency “ISK” to buy the premium currency “PLEX” and in turn exchange 500 of that to get an Omega Token which gives you 30 days of subscription time which removes all limitations.

I must say I am enjoying playing Minmatar with their projectile turrets (this is the first time I ever made/played Minmatar anything), I really like that they don’t require capacitor energy to fire which means I can use that energy for shield regen or using my afterburner!

Currently I’m using a Rifter, I really do like the way the ship looks, most of the ships in eve I don’t like because they aren’t symmetrical so when I find a ship I do like, I tend to wanna play in it forever. Sadly, the Rifter is Frigate which means eventually I will have to find another pretty pretty ship, maybe the Sisters of Eve Cruiser (though that’s Hybrid Turrets I think).